DDMF - Envelope v1.0.6 VST / VST3 / AAX (MODiFiED) x86 x64

Newest member of the DDMF family: please warmly welcome Envelope! The creation of this true stereo reverb effect started with the observation that somehow, whenever I used any of the existing reverb plugins, the sound was never “there”: many of them sounded pretty good when used with lead vocals or an instrument track. but in a mixed context, I would quickly end up with some haze at a lower frequency and / or an overly intrusive reverb effect around 5k-7k where these nasty syllables tend to be heard. So the goal was to create something that added air without ever sounding harsh, creating a rich 3D experience without losing out on the finest stereo field details, while still being light enough on the processor to be used ad lib in a real mixing context. Well, with all the humility, I think that the goal has been achieved: Envelop has become my go-to-reverb plugin from the very early stage of its development, and now it is finally ready to be yours! And it not only sounds great, but it looks fantastic, thanks to the invaluable interface design skills of the one and only Mr. Marek Zaris. Peculiarities Zero-delay reverb algorithm with 8 simulated stereo environments Size and depth control for complete control over individual algorithms Switch between exponential ("natural") and linear decay (longer, dreamier / darker) Bass and Treble EQ controls Stereo Width Control: Full Stereo to Full Mono Wet / dry balance 30 beautiful presets to get you started

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