OCTVE.CO - Ammo Vol. 3 For Xfer Serum (SYNTH PRESET, WAV, FLP)

Success Ammo Vol. 1 & 2 - We've improved the quality and relativity of samples and Serum presets. Ammo is the perfect Serum bank to take your dubstep / hybrid / trap to a whole new level. You'll get over 70 Serum presets, ranging from bass, leads, effects, peaks, and more ... in addition to that, the FAT 1100+ Drum Sample Set fits these insane presets. Who designed these presets? A team of 4 sound designers who have released numerous recordings for major labels such as .. Dim Mak, Buygore and Elysian Records. Buy your copy now!

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File Size 1.81 GB

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