Output - Analog Brass & Winds v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

Output Analog Brass & Winds - new VST-library of wind instruments Half synthesizer, half orchestra for high quality emulation of the wind section. Developers from Output Inc. released a new library of brass and woodwinds Output Analog Brass & Winds. The new virtual instrument promises a powerful and high-quality sound of the brass section and the legendary brass synthesizers. To create the library, company officials say they went to the Hungarian BMC Hall in Budapest, where they recorded an 18-member brass section. Analog Brass & Winds graphical interface allows you to change the pitch and timbre of the sound of instruments, apply a variety of sound effects, as well as adjust the parameters of the arpeggiator, modulation and signal routing. The main part of the interface is reserved for four special sliders for flexible sound settings. “If you’re familiar with Output’s products, you know we love taking things and turning them upside down,” commented Output Co-Founder and CEO Gregg Lerman on the Analog Brass & Winds VST Winds Library. - “[During the development of the library] We were inspired by musicians, bands and soundtracks who used wind instruments in a new way, but decided to go even further. Output Analog Brass & Winds is half synth, half orchestra. You can change sounds or work with the original signal. It doesn't matter who you are: producer, composer or musician. If you love cool and unusual, but still musical sound, then this product is for you.

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