Plugin Alliance - Chop Shop 1.0.0 AU (macOS)

This is a faithful digital recreation of Louder Than Liftoff's famous 500 Series analog EQ. This plug-in not only perfectly reproduces the original sound of the original, but also offers additional features that expand the functionality of this already versatile tone shaping tool. The Chop Shop plugin has a super intuitive interface that allows users of all levels and backgrounds to quickly solve tonal problems in their audio and enhance the original character of sounds, making the sound musical and transparent. If you are looking for a way to make your synths stand out in the mix, the Chop Shop is there for you. With the ability to quickly enhance the clarity or low-frequency punch of any sound, Chop Shop's simple feature set makes it very powerful. The Chop Shop is the perfect tool to use throughout your session. Gentle processor utilization combined with musical clarity make Chop Shop ideal for eliminating masking and improving intelligibility.

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