Plugin Alliance - Unfiltered Audio Indent 1.0.0 AU, VST, VST3 x64 (macOS)

Indent is your track control with electric guitar, bass, synth and drums, delivering rich tones from fine grit to destructive overdrive. Choose from four different clippers - Hard Clip, Soft Clip, Wavefold and Overfold to add saturation with perfect color. Then adjust the Analog Low Pass Filter's Cutoff and Resonance controls to improve the tone from buttery smooth to extreme. The Indent's Mix knob mixes the ideal amount of dry and processed signals, allowing you to add just a hint of saturation or get full bypass. Using Indent's simple and intuitive interface, creating overwhelmed guitars, growling bass and fat and dirty drum tracks is child's play. Once you've got your killer tone, use Indent's flagship modulation system to add both conventional and cutting edge effects. Six different freely assignable and fully automated modulators can be connected to each control knob with drag and drop ease. Classic tremolo effects with tempo sync and wah-wah are just the beginning of what you can create. Modulate the drum's input gain with an envelope so that the kicks explode and the microphone compresses - or reduce it to a fraction of a second. Modulate cut and resonance with a tempo-synced LFO so rich guitar tracks pulsate and resonate to the tempo of your song. It's fun to use distortion and modulation together in new ways to create new, engaging sounds. From warm, rounded tones to modulated, overdriven chaos, Indent is your ticket to amazing sounding tracks.

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