LVC-Audio - Plugin Bundle VST, x86 x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Limited-MAXis a specialized limiter based on being a capable predictive brick wall limiter suitable for final mixing or mastering. Limited-MAX dynamically combines several unique limiting algorithms to provide transparent limiting for all audio sources. The Limited-MAX is capable of significant levels of compression / limiting without inadvertently creating excessive amounts of audible distortion. The Limited-MAX is highly customizable to suit a wide variety of music sources. Limited-MAX covers all aspects of the multiprocessor limiting algorithm. This allows the user to continually tweak and find the best sound from a huge number of variations rather than multiple algorithms. Other features include standard attack and release controls, custom look ahead, adjustable stereo linking, and a variable control style that changes the sound and shape of the limiter compression curve. In addition, the Limited-MAX includes a selectable DC filter and full dither controls, with selectable dithering and psychoacoustic filtering options. Limited-MAX also builds on many of the standard LVC-Audio features. The visual output meter and waveform history display can be switched between normal view and K-Metering parameters (K-20, K-14, and K-12). The selectable secondary meter can be changed to display standard clipper gain reduction, input measurements, inter-sample peaks (ISP), or estimated distortion levels. Limited-MAX also has a choice of 2x, 4x or 8x linear oversampling for maximum accuracy.

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