Rob Papen - MasterMagic 1.0.0c AU x64 (macOS)

Renowned sound designer and developer Rob Peypen has released a new Rob Papen MasterMagic plugin. The plugin is a simple and powerful music mastering tool. According to Peypen, when creating MasterMagic, the goal was to create an understandable instrument in which musicians can significantly change their mixes with a few simple steps. The plug-in is placed at the end of the DAW's audio chain and processes the final output signal. Compared to other mastering treatments from iZotope or Nammick, there are not so many options and settings in MasterMagic. The Mono / Stereo module is designed to thicken the low end of the mix, while the AIR module adds clarity and detail to the signal. Nevertheless, this will be enough to polish the mix before uploading the music to the network.

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File Size 7.4 MB

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