Klevgränd - Haaze v2.0.0 (WIN OSX) - v2.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Klevgrand's redesigned Haaze v2 is an elegant solution for controlling stereo width and spatial positioning of sound in a stereo mix. Regular LR panning is a weak instrument that doesn't sound like real acoustics, which becomes clear when trying to sound naturally mono in a stereo mix. The result still feels very "mono". Haaze is an audio plugin that makes positioning more natural, understandable and pleasing to the ears. It splits the audio signal into 16 frequency bands. In each band, you can delay the left or right signal (which makes the listener believe that the sound is coming from the side that first reaches the ear), pan left or right, or adjust the overall width in that band (for example, make the lower frequencies more focused in the middle than the taller ones). Add. Information : -16 independent frequency bands. -Haas: Control the delay between L / R on each band. -Pan (Split EQ): Pan each band L / R M / S: Control the width of each band. -Gain: Compensates for the gain level on each band. -Painting mode, for conveniently plotting the adjustment curve you want. -Lots of presets to help you get started. Stereo width meter + level meter on each band.

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