UGRITONE - 1989Verb x64, x86 VST, VST3, AAX (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

1989Verb is a homage to the reverberation of the late 80s. Warm plate, light, dark, long, short, fast / slow gated, reversed, tape delays, flangers, you know it all and it's all in this plugin. Based on a digital reverb device, the 1989Verb not only has the characteristics of the original device, but also has HiPass and LoPass. A simple interface allows you to quickly get different tones. You can select a patch from the drop-down menu, or just keep clicking the arrows until you reach the tone you want. If your drums need more weight, synths need more air and excitement, vocals need that warm space to live in, 1989 Verb is the perfect instrument for any retro fan! But works well with modern genres.

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File Size 67.5 MB

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