Psychic Modulation - VectoMelt 1.0 VST, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Multi-effect Psychic Modulation VectoMelt unusually alters audio signals with vector modulation Mix of EQ, echo, delay, pitch shifter and chorus Psychic Modulation Studio has released a new multi-effect VectoMelt, which promises to change any signals in an unusual way. According to the creators, the plug-in literally "sends sounds to another world." At the heart of VectoMelt is another studio development, the previously released EchoMelt software effect, which relies on echoes to change sounds. A key feature of the new development is the introduction of a dedicated XY display in the center of the modulation section. Offset on the X axis changes how the Flow and Flutter parameters work, offset on the Y axis enhances the modulation itself and the degree of processing. The multi-effect itself is a mixture of chorus, echo, equalizer, as well as a film delay with pitch shifting. As a result of processing, the signal acquires an unusual vortex effect, which can be useful when working on the sound design of various media content.

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