Boz Digital Labs - Pan Knob v1.0.2 VST / VST3 / RTA S / AAX / AU x32 x64

The familiar panning knobs are outdated. Simply put, Pan Knob is the best panning plugin to get your mixes translated well across all playback systems. The truth is that traditional panning knobs work disgustingly for headphone users, and according to surveys, about 87% of people listen to music with headphones. Have you ever heard a mix in which one instrument is heavily outweighed to one side? Sounds fine on monitors, but sounds awful on headphones. This is because traditional panning does not account for headphone users. Have you ever heard a mix where you have two great guitar tones panned to opposite sides, but one dominates its low end and makes the whole mix seem one-sided? This is because traditional panning treats all frequencies in the same way, even though our ears can hear it. Pan Knob overcomes this by using a smarter panning algorithm and sound natural in headphones. This is not a simulation of a room, so it won't ruin your mono mixing.

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