Soniccouture - Konkrete 3 v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)

Drum kits are the foundation that gives Konkrete 3 a unique sonic range and power. A wide variety of techniques, recording sessions, synthesizers, equipment and instruments have been used to create this unrivaled sound palette of 5,000 sounds. Each of the 92 kits contains 61 sounds - a full 5-octave keyboard. The sampler is the modern equivalent of the tape manipulation used in those days and is the ideal tool for acoustic research. Once in the possession of KONKRETE, the simplest percussion beat can be extracted and shaped in a thousand ways, creating an endless palette of new drum sounds. Battle of Euclid - An exciting way to create complex rhythms based on Euclidean mathematics. No matter how many steps or beats are in each individual pattern, they will always be evenly distributed over the measure. Assign controllers and jam: you can't go wrong. Toolbar - Includes FILTERS: LPF, BPF, HPF FILTER, LO-FI 3 AHDSR ENVELOPES COMPRESSOR, EQ, EFFECT SENDS Focus Mode- Play any sound out of 61 in the drum kit. Use 'Focus Map'. Sound is instantly assigned across the entire keyboard: play bass or even full melody. Complete creative flexibility. Shape and Modulate Drum Sounds - Konkrete 3's interface is filled with knobs and side modulation modules: each individual sound in each kit can be independently edited, modulated and deformed into something completely unique to you. Each parameter can be modulated using the Velocity or LFO side faders, and there are 3 full AHDSR envelopes to shape each sound. BEAT SHIFTER - A step sequencer with a difference. Make beats that move with the hi-hats, bass beats that really jump.

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