Soniccouture - PAN DRUMS v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)

A complete hang drums collection. Pan Drums is a recently invented musical instrument by the Swiss company PANart, with a melancholic mesmerizing sound. A rare and popular hand-made instrument among musicians. But since the drum must be handcrafted by experienced craftsmen to sound good on short-term shipments, they remain relatively rare and highly sought after by musicians; "Where can I buy a Hang Drum?" this is a common complaint on internet forums. Soniccouture Pan Drums brings your DAW a complete set of sounds and many creative instruments to help you explore the sound of these mysterious instruments. From the main panel, you can choose your Pan Drum from five instruments | Shape your sound with the ADSR envelope or add creative filtering with a wide range of different filter types.

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File Size 3.31 GB

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