SoundSource 3.1.1 - MacOS

SoundSource allows you to configure audio interface I / O devices and sound effects, as well as adjust volume settings directly from the menu. Enable smooth playback of input devices on the desired output so that you can hear the sound coming from a specific microphone or specific source. SoundSource gives you quick access to the most important sound settings on your Mac. Instant Audio Device Switching - With just two clicks, you can switch the audio devices your Mac uses to input / output audio streams and apply sound effects. Quick Volume Control - SoundSource provides easy access to volume controls for audio devices. SoundSource's Audio Play-Thru interface makes it easy to monitor audio from any audio input device. SoundSource gives you one place for all of your most important Mac sound controls. SoundSource is always on the menu bar, your audio controls are always available. When you don't need SoundSource, you can quickly turn it off.

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