WA Production - Outlaw v1.0.0 VST / AU / AAX MacOSX

Whether you're mixing live sound, smoothing vocals or balancing solo instruments, Outlaw is the profit plugin you've been looking for. Outlaw listens for incoming sound and compensates for changes in volume, simulating the movement of a mixer fader from a real engineer. Forget about drawing complex volume automation tools and let Outlaw do the hard work for you with smooth gain equalization and many features. These 4 main dials give you flexible control over the Outlaw's main parameters, which means you can easily adjust the plug-in's performance. Adjust the intensity of the effect with the MIX dial and set the target RMS level with the TARGET dial. Use the GATE knob to set the relative level so that the amp will ignore softer sounds. The main output is controlled by the GAIN knob, which is very convenient for fine-tuning the levels for accurate comparison of A / B signals.

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