Waves 10 - Complete - MacOS

The most complete package of professional plug-ins for sound processing, for various purposes, awarded the Technical GRAMMY Award for his contribution to the development of music. Changes Added: Compatible with Waves V10 plugins including latest releases: Abbey Road Chambers TRACT Sound System Calibration PRS Supermodels Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain Sibilance CLA MixHub Added: Redundancy testing feature to ensure that redundant servers can handle the load of the session. Added: Simple rescanning of licenses when adding / changing external license keys. Waves Central can be used when the console is connected to the Internet. Fixed: Old sessions are loaded with some plugins not tied to encoders. Bugfix: Fixed C6 values ​​when changing snapshots. Fixed: Session crash with Scheps Omni Channel. Fixed: InPhase causing system crashes.

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File Size 8.84 GB

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