Strezov Sampling - BALKAN Ethnic Orchestra (KONTAKT)

The perfect Ethnic Orchestra is in your hands! This vast collection of never-before-sampled instruments and an inspiring sound palette gives you access to the best folklore soloists from the Balkans. The BALKAN Ethnic Orchestra is a unique and fresh collection that gives you access to a vast array of Eastern European soloists. The Balkan Ethnic Orchestra includes everything you need to write true Eastern European Balkan music. From expressive folk instruments and famous Balkan brass sounds to ethnic vocal quartet and solo percussion. And it's all in your hands. Each instrument in this collection has been recorded with the same attention to detail as our other libraries, with multiple microphone positions, various short and long articulations, expressive phrases, true polyphonic legato and various ensemble sizes. Recorded in Sofia Session Studio using high quality recording equipment and the same approach to liveliness and realism as our Next Generation choral series, the Balkan Ethnic Orchestra gives inspiration right away.

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File Size 28.7 GB

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