Muze - Acoustic Pianos (KONTAKT)

Classic YAMAHA C7 sound and brand new hybrid instruments with an interface that allows you to control all aspects of the sound. In total, you have 144 original sounds to explore, transform, combine and create your own piano. - Piano Samples: Basic and Release (12 Velocity Layers). - Additional Sounds: Hords, Keyboards, Guitars, Mallets, Bells, Electric Pianos, Processed Pianos and more - Compressor controls: Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, Output Indicator - Distortion Control: Damping, Drive, Gain Level, Output, Output Meter 9-channel mixer with extensive flexibility to change sound and FX settings on each audio source. - Volume control, panning, mute and solo of each channel. - Four-band equalizer with graphic indicator. - Send Effects: Delay, Limiter, Algorithmic Reverb, Compressor Instrument Effects: Delay, Chorus, Algorithmic Reverb, Phaser, Gainer and Flanger.

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File Size 7.98 GB

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