iZotope - Dialogue Match v1.0.0, AAX, x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Dialogue Match is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in that learns Reverb, EQ, and Ambience data for dialogue recording. He can then apply the profile to any other recording of the dialogue, ensuring that the sound of the scene is consistent across multiple environments. Match Sound Profiles for Dialogue and ADR Revolutionizing Dialogue Editing The creators of RX bring you the following indispensable post-production tool. Keep your audience in the moment with seamless dialogue recordings. Key Features Match equalizer, reverb and ambience recording characteristics from boom to volume. Automatically map ADR to production audio Quickly map localized audio to source language Save and load global snapshots and reference profiles Available only as an AudioSuite plug-in for current versions of Pro Tools (version 11.x and higher).

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