Arturia - Rev PLATE-140 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

The virtual plug-in is based on the EMT 140 plate reverb device. The original device was developed in the 1960s in Germany and since its release has changed the sound of popular music around the world with advanced spatial processing algorithms and ease of use. Arturia has completely recreated the sound of the device, transferring not only all the EMT 140 circuits, but also the vacuum tube preamplifier to the digital environment. The sound of the effect is full and spacious with rich tails, which is perfect for processing vocals, as well as gluing a mix. In addition to recreating the capabilities of the original, the temporarily plug-in Rev PLATE-140 offers a number of convenient and modern features. This allows users to filter and equalize the audio signal at any time it is inside the virtual machine: for example, you can process the sound before it hits the plate of the machine. This feature allows you to cut off all the drone without the help of third-party plugins. The plugin also features pre-delay control, high-pass filter at the input, chorus and post-processing section at the output.

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