Imaginando - Bundle, x86, x64, VST, VSTi, AAX (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

K7Dis a powerful and affordable vintage ribbon delay effect plugin for desktops and iOS. The K7D recreates the hardware echo machines of the past, using Imaginando's signature intrusive analog emulation style, but with improved control through a sleek, modern interface. Taking this approach opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities while retaining warm, rich analog sound filled with character and personality. DRC Synthhas a modern, minimalistic interface with several different color variations to choose from and is designed to be as accessible and hassle-free as possible ... it's very easy to use. It also has a cloud-based preset management system which means sounds will be distributed across all available platforms. DRC Synth works equally well for everything from analog pads and lush textures to insane sound effects and overwhelming bass. With eight voices, each with two oscillators, a ring modulator, an auxiliary oscillator and noise, the DRC is a powerful and versatile subtractive synthesizer (more on that later). The integrated and intuitive chord makes it easy to get the most out of your polyphonic synthesizer while experimenting with powerful chords. For normal use, you can choose from either a regular keyboard (more than 20 weights included, including a custom scale) or a set of chord buttons. The chord buttons are split into major, minor, and seventh chords, with drums for each side.

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File Size 40 MB

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