Leapwing Audio - DynOne v3.2 VST / VST3 / AAX (MODiFiED) x64

DynOne is a unique multiband parallel compressor, designed from the ground up using "very soft and great sounding" line crossover filters. Its design allows the compressed filter bands to be mixed with the original signal. This allows you to shape and tone the sound without suppressing its dynamics. DynOne has four unique features. You can set the minimum and maximum values ​​for attack and release for the adaptive compression time, which depends on the crest factor, making it sound musical. There is also a slider for setting the envelope detection circuitry to RMS, Peak, or somewhere in between. And multi-mono to stereo variable channel connections. A final unique feature is that the side chain input of each lane is determined by the variable weighted connection of that particular lane compared to other adjacent lanes; One weight slider gives you intuitive control over the side chain inputs. All these functions are available in an intuitive interface. This allows you to tone up your sound and fatten it up in seconds.

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