Genuine Soundware - TimeVerb-X v1.0.0 EXE / VST / VST3 / AU / APP x64

TimeVerb-X is a new plug-in from GSi that combines the "classic" GS4 Type4 spring reverb, first released in 2008, with a new algorithmic digital reverb. The "Type 4" spring reverb emulation was originally inspired by the Accutronics Type 4 reverb tank, similar to those used in the classic Hammond A100 series organs, also used in many well-known electric guitar amps. Instead, digital reverb was first developed for the GSi Gemini sound module, but has also been incorporated into some Crumar hardware instruments. Both effects have been slightly expanded and improved for the TimeVerb-X release, as the spring reverb now has auto-oscillating feedback decay control and a stereo width control. and digital reverb includes a section of early reflections that was missing from the original project. Both reverbs together create a great sound when working in parallel and create some interesting atmospheres when working on a TV show.

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