ToneLib - ToneLib GFX 3.9.8 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AU x64

ToneLib GFX is a collection of guitar and bass amps, cabinets and effects. It is possible to use additional cabinet impulses, but those that come with the kit are very good. Add. Information : Generally ToneLib GFX is a free program ... was. In the fall of 2019, the developer made a major update to version 4 and the program gained a price. In the distribution are the last of the 3 free versions of ToneLib GFX, which could be found on the net. Under Windows - 3.9.8, and under Mac - 3.8.5. Perhaps someday there will be a distribution kit of version 3.9.9 and the distribution will be updated) UPD: distribution has been updated! Version 3.9.4 (Win x64) has been replaced by 3.9.8 (Win x64). Please download the torrent.

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