UVI - Devinity (UVI Falcon)

RICHARD DEVINE Extend Falcon with 120 expertly crafted presets Customize and fix on the fly with macros Falcon's deep editing capabilities allow limitless customization Devinity is a deep dive at Falcon with renowned electronic musician and sound engineer Richard Devine from Atlanta. Richard, one of the most respected and recognized figures in the industry, has a deep love of sound and technology, writes and performs his music, and is also called upon to create sound for many of the world's most successful companies. At Devinity, Richard shares 120 patches detailing his Falcon research, showcasing his unique style and approach to sound design. No one understands this better than the person himself, so to give us some insight into his process and inspiration, Richard graciously agreed to sit down with us and talk to us. to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required

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