UVI - Drone (UVI Falcon)

Texture and Atmosphere Designer > Create rich and immersive drones for movies, games, music and more. > Dual sampling engine with IRCAM Granular, modulation and high-quality effects > Built-in integration of MPE and surround sound sources Built for composers, sound engineers and musicians, the Drone is a creative tool that delivers ever-evolving textures and atmospheres, from deep and powerful low-frequency sounds to rich and shimmering. Equip a dual-layer sample synthesizer with hundreds of included long format samples, transform them into mesmerizing textures with the IRCAM Granular engine, add depth, grain and detail with built-in effects such as Swarm, Feedback Loop and Harmonics, and easily create motion to your liking with customizable XY controller and Chaos or LFO modulators. Drone is a fully featured tool specially designed to create rich and detailed sound environments and sound effects with endless movement and variety.

File Size 16.3 GB

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