UVI - Electro Suite (UVI Falcon)

The product is out of production! UVI Electro Suite is a unique collection of powerful instruments and a huge library of sounds, including constructors, loops and individual elements, specially designed for electronic dance music. Easy to use, rich sounding and inspiring instruments - create your own electro hits at a glance. UES DrumShaper is a unique instrument dedicated to the most useful rhythm elements used in any kind of modern Electro genre: BD (bass drum), SD (snare drum), Claps and HH. By combining very high-pitched and precisely sampled samples with the most advanced analog drum modeling and smart parameter selection, you can create your own kicks, claps, snares and hats. With the included step sequencer, you can also create patterns while shaping sounds. EEC MissionControl consists of 6 sections: BD + SD (bass drums + snare drums). HH (tall hats). Percs (Percussion). Bassline. Synth1. Synthesizer 2.
File Size 3.09 GB

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