UVI - Eternal Funk v.1.0.1 (UVI Falcon)

Lay the foundation for your own funky recordings with the atmosphere and soul of 80s classics. Eternal Funk has it all, from a wide selection of synthesized basses, solos, brass, guitar, electric piano to a complete GM acoustic drum kit with an authentic old-school funk flavor. Eternal Funk sounds have been designed to reproduce our favorite 80s funk moments, with sounds created from the ground up using the Falcon architecture. To ensure full and authentic sound, we've recorded the complete drum kit in the classic way so you can program your own grooves or sequences with included MIDI files encompassing timeless funk patterns. Each of the sounds in Eternal Funk is designed to be expressive and reproducible, offering unique controls and macros that allow you to simulate sound and create dynamic performances. The versatility and quality of the Falcon is evident from this entire collection, which utilizes numerous synthesis techniques including analog, FM and physics modeling, as well as the robust use of effects and modulators. All sounds can be quickly viewed, edited, layered or played with virtually unlimited variations thanks to Falcon's semi-modular architecture. to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required

File Size 28.7 MB

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