UVI - Inner Dimensions (UVI Falcon)

Created from the dark halls of minimalist techno and the introspective and surreal contrasts of dark cinema, Inner Dimensions offers 120 patches - from unfolding rhythmic arpeggios to dark textured pianos, deep bass sequences and moving analogue tracks to tonal atmospheric pads and shimmering noise fields. Inner Dimensions uses a wide range of Falcon oscillators, effects and modulation to create spaces from exhilarating and dreamlike to cold and urban, with a wide range of timbres from dirty electronics to natural and melodic. Inner Dimensions offers an inspiring collection of reflective and brooding sounds perfect for the minimal dance, scoring and darker sides of modern electronics. Each Inner Dimensions instrument is designed to be expressive and reproducible, offering useful controls and macros to shape sound and create dynamic, expressive performances. As with all Falcon extensions, you have the ability to dig beneath the surface in the patch structure of each sound, manipulate and modify it however you see fit. to work with the bank requires the UVI Falcon tool

File Size 664.1 MB

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