UVI - Mello (UVI Falcon)

A Tribute to the 60s Classic Back to the origins of sampling on this typical 60s studio instrument. A true vintage excerpt from the original machine with modern software convenience. Use the presets as a starting point to create your own patch. The Sound that Shaped the 60s Throw back in the heyday of classic rock and one instrument stands above all others - this 350 pound monster that will forever change the way we think about music making. At the heart of this monster was a variety of tape recorders, one for each note on an attached keyboard, each playing a unique recorded sound. With only 8 seconds of tape per key and a bulky frame, this machine had its limitations, but was impressive for its time nonetheless, with a multitimbral and truly polyphonic engine. Instantly renowned for the Beatles hit "Strawberry Fields Forever" and used by countless others including the Moody Blues, Rolling Stones and prog rock legends. Yes, it was a must-have sound from the 60s. Although its use has gone out of style, to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required

File Size 642.9 MB

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