UVI - Pulsar v.1.0.1 (UVI Falcon)

FUTURISTIC ELECTRONIC SOUNDS Expand your Falcon's capabilities with futuristic bass, solos, ambience, pads, effects and more. Tweak and fix on the fly with macros Falcon's deep editing capabilities enable a deep and futuristic collection of sounds perfect for today's electronic music producers, composers and sound engineers - Pulsar offers powerful bass, energizing solos, sunken and twisty atmospheres, otherworldly pads, effects and much more. Designed and developed by Richard Gale and Carlo de Gregorio, the Pulsar sounds are rich, detailed and overtly modern with electronic timbres ranging from smooth analog leads to immersive granular soundscapes. Pulsar provides powerful foundations and signature sounds in categories such as ambience, bass, effects, solos, pads, plaks, sequences, and arpeggios. Each of the sounds in Pulsar is designed to be expressive and reproducible, offering unique controls and macros that allow you to simulate sound and create dynamic performances. Dedicated ADSR envelopes, effect filters and macros, and more let you quickly and easily tweak your sound flawlessly. The versatility and clarity made possible by Falcon is evident in this entire collection, which utilizes numerous synthesis techniques including wavetables, virtual analog and physics simulations, and the robust use of effects and modulators. All sounds can be quickly viewed, edited, layered or played with virtually unlimited variations thanks to Falcon's semi-modular architecture.

File Size 915.3 MB

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