UVI - PX Memories (UVI Falcon)

Iconic, famous and arguably one of the sweetest and most powerful analog synthesizers, PX Memories dives deep into Lintronics LAMM. Building on the latest and most ambitious polyphonic synthesizer model before bankruptcy in 1987, its development appears to have been incomplete, with a reputation for unstable tuning and complex system navigation, and the subsequent Plus model with only basic MIDI implementation. The final frontier and transforming this beast into a reliable dream machine worthy of the road it envisioned is Rudi Lindhard's Lintronics, a synthesizer and mod repair shop based in Germany, who developed this comprehensive system retrofit in 6 years. Those lucky enough to own a LAMM will find the iconic six-part sound to be stable, more easily editable, with improved I / O, improved stereo output, world-class MIDI implementation, allowing most of the front panel controls to be transmitted and transmitted. respond to control change messages and much more. A perfect version of an incredible and extremely rare instrument, we are honored and honored to be able to bring you the iconic and inspiring sounds of LAMM.

File Size 28.73 GB

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