UVI - PX P10 v.1.0.1 (UVI Falcon)

ANALOG PROPHECY 2X5 = 10 Based on the ultra-rare and iconic two-key analog synthesizer Amazing warmth with true hardware analog unison Explore hundreds of specially designed presets and create your own own sounds. By far one of the sweetest and most influential analog synthesizers we've been fortunate enough to work with, an iconic and powerful instrument whose pedigree helped shape the sound of music and film scores throughout the 80s and beyond. Designed as the first fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer with preset memory, this version 10 was the initial prototype of what would become the mythical version 5, which debuted in 1978 and revolutionized the world of synthesizers. It wasn't until 3 years later, in 1981, that the more complex version 10 saw a commercial release. Basically, two version 5 synthesizers are combined into one monster synthesizer with two keys, version 10 is equipped with two oscillators, a white noise source and a resonant low-pass filter for each voice. Depending on the mode, it can function as two discrete 5-voice keyboards, one 10-voice keyboard, a single 5-voice 4-VCO "double" mode, allowing sweet unison sounds, or an alternate mode in which subsequent notes will switch between settings two 5 voice keyboards. Few of these giants were produced, and due to their sheer size and complexity, very few remain. A truly iconic instrument, from aesthetics and functionality to sound quality, this synthesizer is a jewel with a timeless sound and a long heritage. to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required

File Size 8.52 GB

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