UVI - PX V8 v.1.0.2 (UVI Falcon)

The PX V8 is based on the extremely rare American Voyetra Eight polyphonic analog synthesizer. Released by Octave-Plateau Electronics in 1982, this humble 3-seat rackmount synthesizer is an analog powerhouse with 8 voice cards and an incredibly deep modulation system. With 6 pages of parameters to tweak, the Voyetra Eight was little more than flexibility, but in the end, it’s the sound that matters and it doesn’t disappoint. Featuring subtle differences in each voice card and powerful unison mode, Voyetra Eight delivers surprisingly uncompromising analog sound with rich, powerful leads, thick bass, warm, modulating pads, strings and more. A unique instrument with a sound that goes beyond the sum of its parts, Voyetra Eight packs immense analog power into a small box, UVI PX V8 | The Voyetra 8 and PX V8 keyboard was a passionate project, it took us 2 years to track down the Voyetra Eight, and even then it took significant work to restore it to factory condition. Our sound engineers have spent over 6 months creating sounds with Voyetra for PX V8; studying the structure of instruments, creating patches, exploring possibilities, recording and editing. We tested many cable and converter configurations to ensure you get the highest quality sound before settling on Vovox and Prism, the results are clear. to work with the bank you need a UVI Falcon sampler installation: copy the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R

File Size 7.99 GB

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