UVI - SubCulture (UVI Falcon)

Venture into the darkness of the unknown with this powerful collection of sounds created for producers of modern bass, post-EDM, DnB, garage and other genres - perfect for those who wants to add brutal, cutting edge sound design to their music, film or game. estimates. Meticulously crafted, raw and powerful, SubCulture offers the finest collection of subwoofers, beats, bass lines, atmospheres and effects designed by Richard Gale and Carlo de Gregorio. Their second expansion, Falcon, this time diving deep into the underground, opens the door to a dark world of growling bass, dark atmosphere, tempo-synced rhythmic patches, emotional, cinematic textures and more. Featuring a diverse collection of expressive and musical patches, SubCulture sounds abound with the movement and energy of analog, yet bite and tear with digital fidelity, ready to be played, tweaked and distorted to a depth limited only by your imagination. The versatility and clarity made possible by Falcon is evident in this entire collection, which utilizes numerous synthesis techniques including wavetable, multi-bead and scrub, as well as the reliable use of effects and modulators. All sounds can be quickly viewed, edited, layered or played with virtually unlimited variations thanks to Falcon's semi-modular architecture.

File Size 790 MB

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