UVI - Synthox v.1.5 (UVI Falcon)

ITALIAN HYBRID SYNTHESIS Inspired by two Italian 80s synthesizers, one analog and one FM. Over 200 presets delivering classic tones in a flexible two-tier architecture Use the presets as a starting point to create your own patch. The pure analog power of Elka Synthex returns in Synthox version 1.5, this time in the form of a versatile analog / FM hybrid workstation! Synthox features a dual-layer architecture that allows you to freely mix the Synthex and EK-44's dry waveforms for an insane new range of sonic possibilities. Both synthesizers have been fully serviced and then deeply multi-sampled to provide you with a full range of raw waveforms, noise generators and custom patches with an authentic hardware character. Synthox 1.5 provides many easy-to-use modulation options with two arpeggiators (one per layer), an LFO, and a step modulator. Take full control of the waveform of both layers, the amplitude and filter envelopes, as well as the pitch, stereo, and filter sections, as well as a quick modulation wheel assignment system for versatile sound design and performance capabilities. to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required

File Size 1.61 GB

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