UVI - WaveFrame Sound Collection (UVI Falcon)

DEDICATION AUDIOFRAME WAVEFRAME Complete and authentic collection of sounds from the famous mega-sampler of the 80s. Famed, in particular, by Peter Gabriel and Stevie Wonder. It conveys the full character of this milestone in the history of music technology. Back in the 80's WaveFrame Audioframe was the second generation of mega samplers according to NED Synclavier and Fairlight CMI. The complete 48-voice system was selling for over $ 100,000 and the feature set was worth it at the time! Audioframe has been used by renowned artists such as Peter Gabriel and Stevie Wonder, as well as leading sound engineers and artists Foley. The UVI WaveFrame Sound Collection is not a huge library containing tens of gigabytes of ultra-high definition wav files - on the contrary, it is a meager and stingy library, masterfully modeled after the original, and weighs just over 350MB. As you can hear in the demos, the collection contains many very useful and organic sounds such as keyboards, guitars, basses, string solos, string sections, top brass, bottom brass, brass sections, woodwinds, synthesizers, Pacific rim, percussion. , drums, effects and test tones. The WaveFrame Sound Collection provides you with an excellent library of bread and butter sounds that preserve the character and history of this milestone in the history of music technology. to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required
File Size 346.5 MB

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