A Samples - Khaliji Grooves Quantize Pack (MIDI)

We know that most Bay rhythms have a special "swing" in tempo, so the rhythm is not compatible with the standard Quantize available in your DAW. The degree of swing varies by genre and even by artist. Usually music producers create their own Groove Quantize, but the process is very complicated and time consuming. So we decided to do all the hard work for you and create all the Quantize Grooves you will ever need to create Khaliji songs. You will receive 50 Quantize Grooves from a wide range of Haliji music genres including: Hewa Emarathi Khbaiti Bara'a Bandari Atbakh And much more Each groove is in MIDI format, and there is a swing for each genre. Khaliji Grooves Quantize Pack is compatible with all major DAWs such as: Cubase Logic Pro Tools Studio One , etc.

A Samples - Khaliji Grooves Quantize Pack (MIDI)File Size 28.5 MB

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