Cinematique Instruments - Zilhouette Strings (KONTAKT)

Zilhouette Strings is a collection of all our strings that we have recorded so far. It includes 7 violins, 2 violas, 7 cellos and 2 double basses. The musicians we have recorded are famous German orchestral artists. All content was recorded over several sessions in our own recording rooms at close range, as well as solos and trios. We used condenser microphones such as Neumann U-87 and TLM 103, Schoeps MK4, as well as dynamic ones such as Sennheiser MD421, AKG D112, etc. You can quickly select the number of musicians, mix individual groups of instruments, place them in a room, place them in an atmosphere and get a natural and memorable sound. The library is extremely flexible and you can confidently use them for a wide range of musical genres.
Cinematique Instruments - Zilhouette Strings (KONTAKT)File Size 1.78 GB

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