Cinesamples - Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT)

Guitar rhythms and textures. Continuum Guitars offers a fresh and simple approach to recording guitar performances. Built with the composer in mind, this library is like the flexibility and experience of a real guitarist at your fingertips, offering textures, rhythms, pads, melodies and more based on performance. Its advanced features and unique voice make the Continuum a truly powerful and inspiring instrument. Continuum Guitars features an accessible yet powerful GUI with clearly marked sections. Along the sides of the graphical interface is a set of Master and Dynamics control sections that shape the overall sound of the instrument. The Master Volume, along with the CC-assignable Dynamics fader and HP / LP Filter knobs, are all you need to keep the varied Continuum Guitars sounds perfect in your mix.
Cinesamples - Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT)File Size 1.84 GB

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