East West - Gypsy (EAST WEST PLAY)

Gypsy is your ticket to realistic, nuanced performances of all major instruments in a traditional ensemble of itinerant performers. Each performance has been carefully crafted to ensure the right mix of legato transitions, dexterous finger work, and expression for each musician. Whether you're a film, TV, game composer, or just love adding eclectic instruments and styles to your compositions, nylon guitar, violin, and trombone can be played in both gypsy and classical styles, giving you creative flexibility. You also have a variety of articulations, round robin and true legato at your disposal to diversify each passage and make each instrument sound as close to a live recording as possible. 11 GB of samples for violin, trombone, multiple guitars, accordions, etc. Created by award-winning producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix Fast and slow violin legato for maximum playability and authenticity Delivered with optimal settings to play out of the box, minimizing setup and mixing time. Traditional percussion and stamping of feet of a flamenco and castanet dancer. Now included in OPUS, along with custom downloads, custom keyswitches, and dozens of MIDI instruments and mixing effects.
East West - Gypsy (EAST WEST PLAY)File Size 12.02 GB

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