East West - RA v.1.0.5 (EAST WEST PLAY)

Discover these rare and beautiful instruments from ancient lands around the world. Produced by award-winning producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, RA is a huge collection of the world's instruments from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Turkish Empire, India, the Middle East, America and Australia. RA was created to preserve and recreate instruments from around the world in pristine detail and offers you the ability to either control or let each carefully recorded phrase play naturally. * Huge collection of world instruments from Africa, Europe, Middle East and Turkish Empire, India, Far East, America and Australia. * Created by award-winning sound engineers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix. * 14GB Instrument: 20GB Multisamples and 5GB of Authentic Performances * Intelligent Performance Section including Portamento, Repeat, Legato, Circular Dump, Enhanced Micro Tuning * Recorded by top-of-the-line instrumentalists from around the world, featuring full ensemble performances. * Now included in OPUS along with loading of individual instruments, customizable key switches, and dozens of MIDI instruments and mixer effects.

East West - RA v.1.0.5 (EAST WEST PLAY)File Size 13.15 GB

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