Hypersnap 8.21.00

With this tool, you can easily capture images, you can take pictures not only of software windows, but also in games, various screensavers and films, in general, the set is standard, I think it’s not worth talking about it too much. After starting, you can easily take a screenshot of the entire monitor screen, a certain part of it, if several programs are running, you can choose whose screenshot you want to take (while the cursor can be displayed or not), if you wish, you can download HyperSnap in the full news. Please note that screenshots can be saved in more than twenty graphic formats with a choice of quality, it is also worth noting the excellent graphics editor, after the picture is taken, it will automatically appear in the editor, and there you can already work with it in every possible way, add various effects, inscriptions and so on, in addition, you can print your pictures and perform some other operations. Pay attention to the simple interface of HyperSnap, which is quite easy to understand, and it is as pleasant as possible to work in it, I hope you enjoy it. I think the screenshot clearly shows what exactly you can take pictures of, you can set up hotkeys with which you can quickly take the necessary pictures. There is nothing special to tell about this development, I think many people already know about it, HyperSnap is in great demand among many users, it really correctly creates pictures in various games, otherwise quite often some programs cannot intercept a picture from there.

Hypersnap 8.21.00File Size 24 MB

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