iClone 7.92 PORTABLE 7.92 5425.1 x64

iClone is a software product for professional three-dimensional animation in real time. It has all the necessary means and tools for this: digital actors, entourage elements, visual effects, camera and lighting control systems, the ability to record movements (motion capture) using Microsoft Kinect technology, and many others. With it, you can speed up the creation of animated or commercials and films, add a creative component to the educational process, and save a lot of time and money when shooting feature films due to previsualization. During the previsualization process, filmmakers can simulate and test all sorts of parameters and shooting conditions, such as the location and movement of cameras, lighting, timing of individual sequences and dialogues, mise-en-scène, necessary props, costumes, pyrotechnics, use of green screen and much more. Just imagine how much money and time it saves in comparison with real shootings and experiments! Equally important is previsualization in the advertising business. Here is just one example of using iClone to create a commercial. iClone has ready-made 3D characters and everything you need to create their virtual world - clothes, props, landscapes. An interesting feature of iClone is the ability to use photos of real people for the faces of your 3D characters.

File Size 5.24 GB

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