MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 8.2.4914

Here is one of the most powerful programs for downloading both individual files and entire websites. Works with HTTP, FTP and of course HTTPS protocols. After downloading the website to your hard drive, you can view it without connecting to the Internet, and the page loading itself will be much faster, because the Internet can sometimes work slowly, there may just be various interruptions, and so on, you can download Offline Explorer as always in full news. Please note that you can view sites both on your computer and give access to them to users of your local network, for this, our own HTTP server was built into the development. After you start Offline Explorer, you will need to create a project, keep in mind that its size can be almost unlimited, which is of course a big plus. When creating a project, you must specify its name, select the depth of scanning links, you can configure filters to download certain formats, for example, all pictures or HTML pages. In general, there are a lot of settings related to the download, for example, you can set the time, that is, you give the program an hour to download some project, it doesn’t fit, the download stops, you can create keywords for projects. Offline Explorer can download files by size, let's say you do not want the program to download files larger than 10 megabytes, do not forget to specify this in the settings when creating a project, now such files will be ignored, you can save traffic and space. The program has its own viewer for downloaded projects, it is easy to understand and easy to navigate. The interface as a whole is convenient, partially translated, all program options, project settings are fully translated, but the top menu and submenu are not really, maybe I just didn’t understand something and somewhere you can set a more complete Russian language, in any case, work in Offline Explorer, this is not difficult. Please note that this product is appreciated by users, it can be bought for almost $ 600, which means that it really should work one hundred percent, but you can see for yourself, I can’t vouch. It seems that everything, there is nothing more to add about Offline Explorer, a convenient program, for a long time on the market, a lot of good reviews, there are also negative ones, of course, it’s nice and easy to work in it, in general, good luck to everyone in downloading! Developer: MetaProducts ® Corporation License: ShareWare Language: Multi Size: 134 + 130 MB OS: Windows [b]How to Install:[/b] 1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed. 2). That is all, Done

MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 8.2.4914File Size 136 MB

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