PastToFuture Samples - Untamed 707! (KONTAKT, WAV)

We are proud to present you the first of our new and improved series of drum machine sample libraries for Kontakt! A vintage 707 drum machine recorded through a variety of high quality preamps, EQs, and assorted analog gear! A new interface designed from the ground up for Kontakt where you can select and combine preamps, compressors, and other awesome gear! We recorded this drum machine through a Bae 1073 preamp, Chandler Germanium, Redd 47 tube preamp, AMS Neve 1073 and Neve EQ, API 512c, Tegeler Magnetismus Tape Simulator and compressor, vintage Dbx165a for amazing compression, Roland SBF-325 Flanger and Shure Se -30 for awesome crunch! All of these can be selected in our GUI user interface! We've also added the famous Lexicon Pcm 70 "Tiled Room" reverb as a send so you can send individual samples via hardware reverb straight to Kontakt!
PastToFuture Samples - Untamed 707! (KONTAKT, WAV)File Size 303.4 MB

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