Simple Sam Samples - Signature Grand (KONTAKT)

The Signature Grand is a 9ft Model D concert grand piano recorded in a beautiful auditorium / stage. The instrument naturally stands out in film and classic applications, but the user can create sound to suit almost any playing style. What makes our piano different from others? Our instrument impresses with 3D realism thanks to a unique sampling and scripting process that captures beautiful early reflections of the recording space. By mixing the two microphone perspectives, the user can find the perfect balance between near and room microphones, and control the overall ambience of the space with our release controls. The Signature Grand is a deep sampling instrument with over 3000 samples in 24-bit format, 10 dynamic levels per note, two microphone perspectives and multi-rate mechanical noises. Advanced features include re-pedaling, half-pedaling, and various sympathetic resonances. Designed by Emmy-winning composer Garth Neustadter, over 60 presets include film covers, classical, jazz and pop styles. Designed for the full version of Kontakt 5 or 6 (download only). The tool will not work with the free version of Kontakt. Product Description and System Requirements • Over 2500 samples in 24-bit format • All 88 keys individually sampled at 10 dynamic levels • Two microphone perspectives (Close and Room) • Multi-rate adjustable mechanical noises • Authentically simulated una corda samples (soft pedal) • Sympathetic string resonance with real overtones • True pedaling repetition and half-pedaling • User-controlled microphone / recording of noise and turntable sounds • Adjustable releases to control early reflections and ambience • Over 60 presets designed by Emmy award-winning composer Garth Neustadter Recommended hardware • CPU Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz • 4 GB of RAM • 10 GB of free hard disk space • Speed ​​of the hard disk not less than 7200 rpm; SSD highly recommended • minimum audio buffer size 196 or higher recommended
Simple Sam Samples - Signature Grand (KONTAKT)File Size 4.72 GB

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