Sonixinema - World Of Tape (KONTAKT)

Dark and nostalgic, one of a kind ... World Of Tape is the first part of our new line of Artists tools available for Kontakt. Featuring unique and modern Tape Loops and Textures by New York-based experimental music designer Emiliano Melis, it contains a variety of dark, nostalgic and cinematic samples that are perfect for contemporary film music and music production. This library has a surprisingly attractive and varied set of sounds spanning multiple genres. Our customizable user interface has been meticulously designed to be intuitive and inspiring, allowing you to modify and shape your sound with filters, reverb, distortion and more. We worked closely with New York-based experimental music designer Emiliano Melis to define and prepare a set of 100 unique sounds based on his extensive work with Tape Loops. Divided into 5 different categories - Beats, Melodies, Patterns, Textures and Tones, these sounds reflect Emiliano's surprisingly dark, nostalgic and cinematic musical world, which turns into an amazingly inspiring and rewarding set of sounds ideal for film composers, music producers and sound engineers. ... The Kontakt version includes 125 user presets, plus access to a variety of onboard effects, filters, reverb, and a sophisticated gate mechanism that lets you create complex beats on the fly with a simple flick of a switch.
Sonixinema - World Of Tape (KONTAKT)File Size 433.2 MB

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