Sonuscore - Ethnic Vocal Phrases (KONTAKT)

Our next vocal solo instrument for impressive soundtracks. It contains powerful and emotional vocal phrases. Liven up your music with a distinctive human voice. Our library of ethnic vocals has expressive live phrases. This is real human musicality captured in a real artistic performance. You will be captivated by the ease of use and the instant emotional depth of this tool. HAYAT SELIM - PERFORMER OF ETHNIC VOCAL PHRASES Hayat Selim (born 1990) is a film composer and songwriter from Cairo, Egypt. She graduated from the Royal College of Music in London with an MA in Screen Composition and now lives in the UK. Her single Mirage, her first single in classical Arabic, was nominated for Best Song at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2019 and began opening the doors to singing in the Middle East. Hayat writes music for films and games, often combining Western classical orchestration with world music, atmospheric soundscapes and vocals. She sings in English, German, Arabic, Italian, Latin and French, and sometimes sang in Bulgarian and Hebrew. We've optimized the intuitive interface tested in our successful LYRIC SERIES. Get instant access to the most important features and the freedom to dive deeper to shape the sound you want. The library contains over 600 different live phrases, divided into 8 main and 4 bonus themes. Each theme is different in style and contains a set of strong and emotional phrases. Themes are written in classical Arabic (fusha), as well as in various languages ​​of imaginary tribes with African, Native American and Latin influences. In addition, powerful vowel phrases and blown mixed vowel phrases are included. Everything you need to create amazingly emotional and expressive music.
Sonuscore - Ethnic Vocal Phrases (KONTAKT)File Size 1.87 GB

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