Wave Alchemy - TRIAZ (KONTAKT)

Imagine instant access to the greatest drum library ever created ... The ability to intuitively layer sounds in a new, truly unprecedented way. Have a supernatural way of ordering beats. How about generating new ideas instantly? Or the ability to create drums equal to the best in the world - right out of the box. Introducing TRIAZ - Next Level Reels New game-changing drum engine TRIAZ is a forward-thinking drum machine driven by a diverse and creative library of completely new modern electronic and acoustic drum sounds, percussion and sound design instruments; Consists of over 10,000 samples and 600+ instantly playable presets created using an extraordinary array of drum machines, acoustic drums and percussion, modular synths, sounds, studio instruments, Foley and more. TRIAZ offers a powerful three-layer drum engine with an attractive interface and a creative user workflow. Polyrhythmic, organic drum sequencing lets you create true swing and groove beats that are never repeated the same way. The extensive sound design options, linked or per layer, are powerful and optimized for a lightning-fast workflow. Tag-based dynamic sample preview, drag-and-drop sample import, creative kit randomization and powerful effects system provide an unrivaled workflow for modern drum production.

Wave Alchemy - TRIAZ (KONTAKT)File Size 3.03 GB

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